What Can I Do About This Annoying Headache?

  • August 28, 2017

To those out there suffering with monthly, weekly, or worse daily Headaches, you are not alone. An estimated 3% of the population (about 10 million) struggle with chronic headaches (>15/month).

Different headache classifications exist including tension, cluster, migraines, and cervicogenic. Each type presents a bit differently and frequently requires different treatment options. In the medical model, medication is usually the 1st line of defense. For some, this option works well, but not always. Other individuals may have specific triggers such as food/drink, smells, or the environment. For those individuals, steps can be taken avoid known headache producing factors.

Migraine suffers often have triggers, which most eventually learn (and attempt to avoid). Medicine may be helpful, but often those suffering with migraines seek alternative solutions. These solutions may include: diet, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic among others.

Those with what we call cervicogenic headaches or a headache related to the neck generally do not respond well to medication alone. These individuals have a specific cause for their headache. Often, tight muscles or stiff joints may be the culprit. Both of these issues can be addressed quickly and easily with hands-on care and patient instruction in self-treatment exercises.

A common theme emerges, hands-on care. This hands-on care (and the power of touch) can be hugely beneficial for multiple types of headaches. Routinely it is possible for a raging headache to resolve quite quickly with any number of hands-on treatments. BUT (and this is the key), the specific cause must be addressed or the headache will return. A massage feels great and can do wonders to relieve tight muscles, but why were the muscles tight in the first place? And what other things were impacted by those tight muscles? Addressing the ROOT cause is vital to make sure those headaches do not come raging back.

When you are tired of just taking medication to hopefully relieve that headache, it is time for the next step. Time to seek another way and break-free from medication. Say YES to hands-on treatment and learning what step you can take throughout your day to ease and prevent headaches.

The choice is yours…

To learn more about what can be done to ease your headaches, Click HERE.


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