Do I need a referral for Physical Therapy?

NO, in Pennsylvania most insurance companies allow you to seek care from a licensed physical therapist with direct access credentials for a period of 30 days without a physician referral

Do you accept my insurance?

At Zang Physical Therapy, we are an out of network provider meaning the patient or client pays for their services upfront and then may be eligible for direct reimbursement from their insurance company based on their specific policy language. If you choose, you will be provided a form from the prior session’s treatment to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Why out of network?

The decision to be an out of network provider was made in an effort to provide the patient the highest level of care possible. By remaining “in-network”, we must agree to regulations set forth by the insurance company designed to make them money, not provide the best care possible to the consumer. Insurance companies have continued to reduce payments to therapy providers for services and restrict the number of visits allowed to you the consumer. For those clinics choosing to be “in-network” they must abide by all policies set forth in their contract. To do this, those clinics must employ staff to handle/process all insurance claims meaning to achieve revenue goals, they must then see more patients in given time frame. If you have yet to experience this, that entails less one-on-one time between therapist and patient. Some clinics schedule patients every 30 minutes and others at 15 minutes increments. At Zang Physical Therapy, you will never be seen at that same time as any other patient. Your sessions will last about 1 hour. This way you will get the highest quality of care you deserve and full attention of your therapist, which should result in better outcomes, faster….meaning less money.

What do I need to prepare for my initial visit?

It is best for you to download and fill out the intake paperwork and consent forms and bring them to your session, this way we can begin promptly. I understand this paperwork may seem trivial, however, it is important to let your provider know your medical history, and details you provide may offer insights to improve your quality of care you may not even realize. Please bring loose fitting clothes or layers so that you can expose skin in region of complaint. It is important to feel the tissues/muscles and see the movement in action without the barrier of clothing. 

How frequently will I need to have visits?

The goal at Zang Physical Therapy is 1-2x/wk vs. 2-3x/wk standard physical therapy, however your specific condition may require more or less frequent visits. This aspect of your care will be discussed at your initial visit.

What is cancellation policy?

We kindly request at least 24 hrs notice such that your time slot may have a chance to be filled. We recognize that unanticipated events happen, and will attempt be understanding and respectful as such. Our policy is a $50 charge for all missed appointments.

What about Medicare?

You will be required to bring a referral for physical therapy. Currently, Medicare does not permit direct access treatment. Medicare patients will follow the same payment model for care. It is our understanding you may be eligible for some reimbursement from Medicare, though we cannot guarantee this. You will be provided with necessary forms to submit to Medicare to attempt to be reimbursed. 

How can I schedule an appointment?

Call or text Andrew directly at 717-440-6197

Email at Andrew@ZangPT.com

Online scheduling

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