“My hip hurts for an hour every morning after getting out of bed and then I struggle to get moving again if I sit more than 30 minutes…I have this locking and catching in my hip and now fear that I cannot be active anymore”

Does this sound like you? Are you tired of being limited by hip pain?

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A Personal Message From Andrew

If you are reading this, You are likely someone who VALUES your health highly. Someone who wants to maintain your mobility and active lifestyle. BUT chances are you are someone who is SUFFERING with hip pain or stiffness.  You are tired of struggling to get walking in the morning, limping around your home due to hip pain. Or maybe even unable to walk for exercise with friends or avoid shopping due to hip pain. You no longer want to take pain medication, are not interesting in painful injections or even surgery. And you are someone who wishes to avoid doctors offices and find A REAL SOLUTION to your hip pain.

It should go without saying that you wish to avoid all those things because…

I hear that from every single patient that I have ever treated with hip pain.

Let me help to alleviate your fears. You are looking in the RIGHT place to get answers and a SOLUTION for your hip pain.

The interesting and difficult thing about treating hip pain is….is the pain really from the hip or referred from the low back? Now I can already hear you saying, but my back doesn’t hurt….

Well, sometimes that is the case that the hip might hurt and the back does not, but the back is the true source of the problem. The only way to know this for sure is a comprehensive discussion and evaluation. There are times it is possible to make this decision without any exam based on the patient interview, but that is not the norm.

This is a very important differentiation that must be done carefully during the evaluative process. If you have ever been examined in less than 10 minutes (and you did not just have surgery), chances are a full-on examination did not take place, AND the treating provider does not have the fullest understanding of your problem that they should.

I cannot tell you why some providers feel they can learn everything in 10 minutes, because that really is not possible and your care is likely to suffer as a result. You DESERVE the highest quality of care available.

Some of the more common hip issues I treat include:

Bursitis, arthritis, ITB syndrome, snapping hip syndrome, muscle weakness (THE GLUTS), and muscle strains

The GOOD NEWS IS…..all of these conditions can be treated SUCCESSFULLY…..and without having to take medications, get injections or need surgery

Did you know that your choice of footwear can either help or harm your condition?

It is true….the right footwear can make a world of difference.

If you are WORRIED that your hip pain is getting worse, that there is no end in sight, feel like you have been let down by others in the health profession, or are skeptical of others claiming to help you…..Then I am here to help you…

Let me make it clear that I am not like any other professional who has ever tried to help you. I take the time to listen to those who are my patients, fully understand their problem, and my advice IS NOT general- it is specific and meaningful to the patient and their problem.

If you have been SUFFERING for more than 2 weeks with hip pain…now is the time to address it. Do NOT continue to wait and see or follow just general advice from your PCP, friend or internet. Chances are it will not help. How long are you willing to deal with nagging, debilitating hip pain? Aren’t you tired of limping around in pain yet?

There is no need to continue to just live with pain. Help is available to you and it does not have to include harmful medications, injections, imaging, or surgery.

But I am sure you want a more natural solution, not just a band aide so that this painful hip issue does not come back. If that is the case and you want more information you now have several options

  1. Complete an Inquiry form  on cost and availability of treatment options specifically designed for you (Every person’s issues are different and as such treatment plans will be developed accordingly on an individual basis)
  2. Arrange a Telephone Consult. Click the button HERE to schedule a call back OR simply call 717-440-6197. It is sometimes helpful as one is searching for answers to spend time talking it out in a no pressure situation from the comfort of your own home. I understand that often people are unsure of the next step, skeptical of who to trust or what to do next. This way on the call you will get to talk about what is troubling you, I will get to learn more about what is bothering you and then you get to decide the next step. I will spend all the time you need or is necessary to help you make the best decision possible for you and you will not be pressured into making any decisions.

Hear What Others Have To Say Who Came For Care At Zang PT And Left Feeling And Moving Better In Just A Few Weeks

I can not say enough about Zang Physical Therapy and recommend that anyone who is suffering in pain to do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation. Andrew’s one on one concierge practice in Lemoyne beats the typical ‘factory’ PT warehouses absolutely any day.
After years of hip pain, I’m amazed at my improvements in just a few short weeks. And I have literally tried about every option out there.
A hip replacement may eventually still be in my future, but I’m not going down without a fight for as long as I can. – Megan

I had this pain and stiffness in my hip that prevented me from doing all the exercises in pilates and gardening. After spending some time with Andrew, having him yank and stretch my hip in all different directions it became easier to squat gardening and perform certain exercises in pilates. I am very happy now that my hip no longer limits my exercise or gardening. – Michelle D

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