Knee Pain

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If you are someone who is living with chronic nagging, aching, or painful knees it is easy to think you are stuck with it, that it is just due to age, or maybe just hoping it will go away on its own.


The trouble is that no matter what you do, those aches and pains remain. This leads to frustration, despair and the paralyzing fear of what to do next.


Because Now:

  • You have pain or STIFFNESS 1st thing in the morning or after sitting more than 20 minutes

  • You cannot walk more than 10-15 minutes without pain

  • You AVOID walking up and down stairs due to pain

  • You FEAR getting onto the floor to play with kids or grandkids

  • You skip going out with family or friends because of FEAR of pain

  • You were told you have arthritis and NOTHING can be done


Does this story sound familiar?


If this sounds like you, know this, (you are not alone) and knee pain is one of the most common issues treated at Zang PT. Knee pain is treated daily with great success.


A huge reason knee pain lasts is people are unsure not only the specific cause, but what to do. There is so much information out there (not all of it accurate) that leaves people hesitant and confused about the best option for them. Not only that but when it doesn’t work, they then become more skeptical about a treatment that may in fact be the right answer for them. This then leads to the inability to make a decision about what to do next…

All the while the pain continues.


Is This YOU?


If you are suffering with knee pain– Here are 6 reasons it may be lasting:

  • You took the wait and see approach thinking it would just go away- but its still there

  • You tried the rest and medicine approach the doctor prescribed- but got nothing except more pain

  • You tried some exercises a friend suggested or that you found on the internet- but they didn’t seem to help or made it worse

  • You thought a that knee brace advertised on TV or suggested by a friend might help, but not really

  • You thought your issue was just age related- so you decided you just had to live with it

  • You tried getting help from another healthcare professional- but it didn’t seem to help or worse…it got worse


All this has left you UNSURE about what to do next, fearful of making another decision that does not help your knee. If this is you, then I invite you to have a conversation over the phone 1st to learn if Zang PT might be a good option for you. Even though other things may not have worked for you, The GOOD NEWS IS, this now informs the next person who you choose to work with to select a better path to help you. This phone conversation is 100% Free and there is no-obligation whatsoever. It is all for You to help YOU make the next Best Decision about what to do to end your knee pain.


Don’t you think it is time to get the answers you seek?


  • How to LIVE with less chronic daily knee pain

  • How to REGAIN that lost energy the knee pain took away

  • How to ENJOY life again without the agony or fear of knee pain

  • How to KEEP the knee pain away (for good)


If this sounds like something you are interested in, then click the button below to request YOUR phone consultation.

“So What Do I Do To Get Rid Of This Knee Pain?”


You can begin by trying these 4 Things:

  • Making the decision to get some help. Deep down you realize the knee pain isn’t going away without some help.

  • Learn the best exercises for you so the pain goes and stays away. “Motion is Lotion”

  • Limit your time sitting and resting. Stiffness and more soreness is likely to come as a result. Not to mention muscle weakness and loss of endurance meaning less activity leads to more pain.

  • Get hands-on treatment. Data proves again and again that knee pain is best solved with hands-on treatment plus exercise. Zang PT is the Harrisburg Area’s specialist for knee pain using this method.

If you want to learn how Zang PT is different and can help you overcome your knee pain, then try out a complementary, no-obligation Discovery Session.

*This Discovery Session is designed for the person who isn’t quite sure PT is right for them or wants to learn more about the provider that will be helping them. It is to get your questions answered and to see if the fit is right…it is all for YOU at at no-cost to you.


The next logical question then is…


“What Will Coming To Zang PT Do For My Knee Pain?”

  • You will LEARN why you hurt (the root cause) and it will be treated

  • You will UNDERSTAND how to get rid of the pain and stiffness

  • Help you REGAIN Energy by getting better sleep

  • Get off medication, avoid injections, and even surgery- no one wants surgery and is now discouraged by even some surgeons for common knee pains

  • Make sure the problem is fully addressed by getting you onto the right program for you

  • Help you to sit, stand, and walk longer

  • Get you back to enjoying all those missed activities


If you are interested in the availability of appointments or costs involved, please click on the button below and fill our the brief form.

Hear What Others Have To Say Who Came For Care At Zang PT And Left Feeling And Moving Better In Just A Few Weeks

I had this knee pain that prevented me from kneeling, squatting and being active trying to take care of my grandkids. The doctor told me there was nothing to be done but have a knee replacement. But, he said I was too young so just suck it up. Well, that was not a good enough solution so on advice of a friend; I went to see Dr. Zang. He made no promises, but said if I was willing to work hard there was a good chance I could increase my function and live with less pain. I must say, there were a few sessions when I wanted to quit because he made me work hard and there was some pain along the way. Dr. Zang kept me focused on my goals and was encouraging all through the process. After a few weeks I was able to get down on the floor to play with my young grandkids again. I may very well need a knee surgery in the future, but for now I get to be active again without that horrible knee pain. – Sherry A.

When I came to see Dr. Zang on the advice of my track coach, I was unable to run even 1 mile due to severe lateral knee pain. Before he even touched my leg based on his history taking, he seemed to know exactly what was wrong and how to address the problem. After his thorough evaluation, we set a game plan to assist me returning to running by combining strengthening and cross training. I feel his experience as a runner who dealt with various injuries he shared with me helped me to mentally get through the rehab process. Within a matter of a few weeks, I was up to running 5 miles and completing workouts as I normally would have. I feel I now have a better understanding of how strength training is important for me as a runner to stay healthy and plan to continue those exercises on a regular basis. – Ryan C., collegiate runner

I went to see Andrew on recommendation of my pilates instructor. I was unable to do certain exercises on the equipment because I could not bend my knee following surgery and 1st round of therapy. After getting over my fear that no one could help me, I finally went to see Andrew. He developed a whole new plan with a heavy focus on hands-on care. I must admit, treatment was mildly painful but little by little my motion started to come back. Within a few weeks I could complete a full pilates session without the instructor having to modify because I couldn’t bend my knee. I am so happy to once again enjoy exercise. – Donna H

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