How YOU might BENEFIT from 1:1 ATTENTION

  • January 22, 2018

In today’s healthcare system, true 1:1 attention of provider with patient is increasingly rare. Why is this you might ask? One word…MONEY. That’s right, in order for most healthcare businesses to make profits, they must see higher volumes of patients. Volume is necessary to offset the continual reduction in reimbursement by insurance companies.

It is not necessarily that these companies or providers want to see higher volume (at the expense of patent care), but profit dictates practice. As a result, you will see high turnover in providers in those offices and the use of support staff for patient care. Turnover because providers get burnt out. And support staff because simply they are cheaper. The end result is a lower quality of care and higher level of patient satisfaction.

Now when you call to question ANY healthcare provider’s office they will all tell you YES you will get 1:1 care. BUT what they don’t tell you is how much support staff will be involved AND how short your time with the main provider (the highest skilled) clinician will be. Often this could be only 5-10 minutes. How much can really be accomplished in that short of a time.

So…to the main point…how can YOU benefit from actual 1:1 attention:

  1.   You will have the time to tell your WHOLE story. You won’t be interrupted within the 1st 30 seconds of talking about the problem you are seeking help for. Because there is no 5 min clock on your appointment and not doubled booked. Plus there will be time to talk about multiple problems if necessary (none of the…oh we only have time for 1 issue at a time).
  2. Greater amount of time with the primary provider. This means time to troubleshoot any/all your problems. Work on/develop solutions to help you feel better (which is why you are seeking help in the 1st place…right?). Plus you can become better educated about what is going on and how the problem is going to be solved.
  3. You get to work with the highest skilled provider. You came seeking the knowledge of the professional no the B team. Studies across multiple medical professions all find a benefit of getting treated by the highest licensed professional vs when treated with the assistance of support staff. Tell me, do you want all your treatment from the A team or the A+B team (with B doing most of the work)?

When most of us seek an answer to some question we seek out the most knowledgable source…right? We research the best car mechanic, accountant, restaurant, healthcare providers, etc. We all seek the best, why settle for anything less?

In this day and age we now have to choose between quality care, service, and price (insurance). What is most important to you? Cost or the best service and care possible? As you think about this question relative to healthcare, think about how you select a hotel to stay at or purchase a car. Are you willing to stay in a 2 star hotel because it is cheap yet dirty and horrible service? OR are you looking to stay at that 5 star hotel because great service, clean, etc???

What does this have to do with healthcare and 1:1 attention??? Everything. You can certainly select the provider who accepts your insurance but then you spend most of your time working with support staff day after day not achieving your goals. Or you can select the provider who will spend ALL the time necessary with you to accomplish your objectives, no hand-offs. The choice is YOURs. What will it be?

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