Patient Injury Perspectives

I want to share with potential clients or patients some Patient Injury Perspectives and other research from one of my favorite sources for up to date information in the physical therapy world.  I find it very important to stay on top of the latest research, news and treatment options and recommendations for patients. The links below were specifically written in easy to understand language for the general population to assist them in understanding their condition.

Below are links to various patient injury perspectives by the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Low back pain? MRIs should be used sparingly

Strengthen exercises for your hips

Neck pain. Treatment of the upper back and reduce pain and increase motion

Neck pain. Manual interventions to neck/upper back can speed recovery

Neck pain. Manual therapy and exercise lead to faster reduction in pain

Heel pain. How hands on treatment and exercise may help

Ankle sprain. Manual therapy and exercise speed recovery

Underwater running can reduce stress on joints

Work injuries and possible depression. How PT can help

Total Hip Replacement Recovery

Improving running form may reduce injuries

Return to sport after ACL surgery

Pregnancy and LBP. PT can help before and after

Pitching mechanics can influence shoulder/elbow pain

Lumbar traction. Does it help low back pain?

How to increase running milage safely

How physical therapists treat LBP

Knee pain. How strengthening the hips may help

Frozen shoulder. What can physical therapy do for a stiff painful shoulder

Dizziness and increased risk for fractures

Concussions: An underdiagnosed condition in athletes

Anterior knee pain. Am I at risk as an athlete?

Return to sport. When is it safe after ACL surgery?

ACL surgery: How to optimize recovery and prevent future injury

Neck and arm pain: Mechanical traction and exercise may be helpful

Bunion: Strengthening Foot Muscles to Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility


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