I can not say enough about Zang Physical Therapy and recommend that anyone who is suffering in pain to do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation. Andrew’s one on one concierge practice in Lemoyne beats the typical ‘factory’ PT warehouses absolutely any day.
After years of hip pain, I’m amazed at my improvements in just a few short weeks. And I have literally tried about every option out there.
A hip replacement may eventually still be in my future, but I’m not going down without a fight for as long as I can. – Megan

I went to see Andrew on recommendation of my pilates instructor. I was unable to do certain exercises on the equipment because I could not bend my knee following surgery and 1st round of therapy. After getting over my fear that no one could help me, I finally went to see Andrew. He developed a whole new plan with a heavy focus on hands-on care. I must admit, treatment was mildly painful but little by little my motion started to come back. Within a few weeks I could complete a full pilates session without the instructor having to modify because I couldn’t bend my knee. I am so happy to once again enjoy exercise. – Donna H

As an active runner, I knew I needed help when my leg hurt so bad I could not even run 1 mile without butt/hamstring pain. I tried resting it, rolling it out, stretching it, even went to another PT place 1st. I just did not feel like I was getting any better until a fellow runner told me about Dr. Zang. She said he was a runner himself and that his approach was different than most PT places, that he spent every minute with you 1 on 1. I was hesitant because others had failed but chose to start with his Discovery Visit. He spent a good deal of time with me just talking about my troubles and goals for running. He outlined a proposed plan and then said it was fully my choice what to do next. I was struck by his honesty and confidence he had in getting me back to running. I opted for his treatment plan and within a few sessions I was back jogging just a little. After a few more sessions, I was on my way back to regular training again. He was adamant though that I must continue my strengthening program to prevent future issues, something I wish to avoid. –  Jackie W

My arm hurt every time I went to reach into the cabinet and pull on my coat. I thought I was going to need surgery. Dr. Zang quickly figured out that my shoulder was not my problem – it was actually stiffness in the area between my shoulder blades and neck. I thought he was completely ignoring my area of pain until he had me re-test my motion after he treated (this is his favorite thing to do). I was shocked that my motion was better and it hurt less. Needless to say, once I felt the improvement I was sold. After a few more 1:1 sessions and doing my homework (something he mandates), I felt good to go again. I am now able to throw a ball again with my dog. – Sarah S.

I dealt with neck pain for 5 years and worsening headaches over the last year. It got to the point where I was waking up with headaches every day. I was taking 6-8 pills per day for these headaches and even that was not enough. I tried many different treatments, many would feel good for a few hours but then everything came back. I was finally referred to Dr. Zang. Within a few sessions of his fully undivided attention, I no longer had morning or even daily headaches. I still have daily pain in other body regions, but at least now my head and neck no longer hurt. I only wish I had gotten to see Dr. Zang sooner. – Karen T.

After 3 back surgeries, my back pretty much hurt every day of the week and that was not the worst part. As a result of all those surgeries, I felt I could no longer complete simple activities of daily living. I no longer went to the grocery store. I limited my driving to 15 minutes. And I had difficult walking up the bleachers to sit at my son’s basketball games. I had been to PT before but it just did not seem to be helpful. At this point I was seeing a pain management doctor because I just could not take the pain anymore. The doctor told me I really should go see this guy Andrew Zang because he does things differently than other PTs. I was very skeptical due to past failures. So, I tried one of his Free consults. He spent about 30 minutes or more just talking with me about my troubles and what I wanted to get out of PT. He even did a bit of an exam and gave me one thing to try and told me to call in 2 days to let me know how I felt. I was thinking about calling on day 3 when he called me to check in. I was not expecting the call and he convinced me that if I did nothing I was going to continue to be stuck right where I was. So I decided to give it a try. We worked not only on the physical part but also the mental part. It took me awhile to understand exactly what he was doing, but started to notice improvement slowly. I still have a way to go, but feel like I am finally on the right path and very grateful to have a PT like Andrew willing to challenge and push me to regain my life again.- Brenda V.

I had this numbness and tingling down my left leg every time I would walk more than 5 minutes. As an active person, this prevented me from walking with my wife for exercise, working out at the gym, and my bowling league. I tried multiple different treatment options including injections and medication without relief. I finally stumbled upon an article by Andrew talking about a condition similar to what I was feeling. I decided to give him a try before I let any doctor operate on my back. After a few dedicated sessions, the numbness and tingling began to subside and I felt like I could walk again. A few more sessions and I am now back to bowling and walking with my wife every night. – Albert K

When I first met Dr. Zang, I could not turn my head to look out my side mirror, I felt unsafe to drive. My neck hurt so bad that I no longer enjoyed getting out to play a round of golf. I had already seen 2 doctors and had 1 injection in my neck that did nothing. After that 1st visit I felt encouraged that I was finally on the right track and going to be better after months of pain. A few weeks later, I was back enjoying life again and swinging my golf club without pain. I am very happy I made the choice I did to go see Dr. Zang. – William R

I began to see Dr. Zang for my neck after an unsuccessful round of physical therapy at another practice. Dr. Zang was able to quickly address my neck and back concerns and developed an effective exercise program for me to use. After seeing Dr. Zang for about a month, I was symptom free and no longer having pain in my neck and back. Dr. Zang gave me a home exercise program and exercises to relieve symptoms if they flair up. Without Dr. Zang’s professional abilities, I am sure I would still be having issues today. – Alison M

When I came to see Dr. Zang on the advice of my track coach, I was unable to run even 1 mile due to severe lateral knee pain. Before he even touched my leg based on his history taking, he seemed to know exactly what was wrong and how to address the problem. After his thorough evaluation, we set a game plan to assist me returning to running by combining strengthening and cross training. I feel his experience as a runner who dealt with various injuries he shared with me helped me to mentally get through the rehab process. Within a matter of a few weeks, I was up to running 5 miles and completing workouts as I normally would have. I feel I now have a better understanding of how strength training is important for me as a runner to stay healthy and plan to continue those exercises on a regular basis. – Ryan C., collegiate runner

I came to see Andy due to a right shoulder injury I sustained pitching. I was going into my junior year of high school, which is an important time for college scouting. From the beginning, there was a clear plan in place to rehab not only my arm injury but also to help address weaknesses in other body areas to work on the whole picture. After weeks of not being allowed to throw and working on all the little pieces, we went to a ball field and began to soft toss. That turned into long toss and then video analysis of my throwing motion. Seeing myself on video, it became apparent all that he was saying regarding how I had to change my mechanics to reduce my injury risk. We then set to work addressing those mechanical issues in addition to working with my coach to help avoid re-injury. I made it back in time for the spring season and had a great year pitching. – TY, high school pitcher

I met Dr. Zang following a car accident where I was rear-ended at a high rate of speed. Not long after the accident, I developed fairly significant neck and left arm pain and tingling. As a professional golfer, these symptoms were not conducive to playing and practicing consistently and up to the standard. Dr. Zang worked with me to create a schedule for practicing and playing within my symptoms to enable me to avoid developing too much rust as he worked on me with his hands and instructed me on exercises for posture as well as using neck traction. After a few months of treatment, I was able to resume playing almost a full schedule of golf without tingling into my arm and only occasional neck pain if I played too many holes in a short duration of time. I am very grateful for his skill, guidance and encouragement to get me back to my passion and profession. – Mike R., Pro Golfer

I was first introduced to Andrew Zang by his wife Allison.  I currently work for her as a pilates teacher at Absolute Pilates.  In 2013, the Absolute Pilates team was involved in a Barre training and I was experiencing a burning/aching feeling in my left hip.  I was concerned it was a serious injury.  Allison talked with Andy and he recommended I come in to see him for a more formal evaluation.  I am glad I did, as he discovered that I typically sat with crossed legs – I was totally unaware.  We met for a few weeks and got through some great exercises to help me recruit my glutes, in which I was not.

About a year later, I began experiencing, what I thought, was a right shoulder issue.  I had a frozen left shoulder two years prior and was nervous the right was going that way.  I talked with Andy and began seeing him on a regular basis for several months.  After a pretty extensive evaluation and different things Andy had me do, he would always comment that he felt my issue was coming from my neck.  Any time Andy would do a manipulation in my upper mid back, I always felt relief in neck and shoulder.  I seemed to be getting worse and Andy thought I should seek further orthopedic medical care.  I had an MRI and went to and neck/spine orthopedist.  Andy was right!!! I have arthritis, stenosis and a slight s-shaped scoliosis in my c-5, c-6 spine.  He totally diagnosed it while working on me.  Unfortunately, I did end up with a right frozen shoulder – the most awesome news about all of that was I saw Andy two times a week for several weeks and then once a week for several months while he diligently worked on the stretches and exercises for a frozen shoulder.  I did not have to have a surgical manipulation, because of Andy,  like I had done with my left shoulder.  I was very thankful for that.  It was painful at times but worth every visit for the 6 or 7 months I was with Andy as a patient.

Andy, to me, has an amazing gift of nailing the problem/issues, and because he listens and is very observant.  He answers all of your questions and explains everything very clearly.  I never felt rushed with him and he is very patient.  I also did my part as a patient to make his job easier as well.

If you have any issue with any joint,  I highly recommend Andy Zang as a PT.  He really helped me a lot with my hip and especially my neck and shoulder.  I have been great with no issues for a year now and continue to do a lot of the exercises he taught me. – Kathy, Pilates Instructor

Dr. Andrew Zang was recommended to me a few years ago by a former patient. At the time, I was suffering from excruciating nerve pain radiating down my arm from a pinched nerve in my neck. I tried several types of treatment, including: heat, ice, therapeutic massage, chiropractic treatment, and narcotic pain relievers. Nothing worked. Neither an X-ray nor an MRI provided any definitive diagnosis. However, after my first treatment with Dr. Zang, I got immediate relief that same night. Within a few weeks of treatment, my neck and arm were pain free.

Dr. Zang is a gentle professional and a competent physical therapist. He continuously communicates with his patient during treatment and makes adjustments to his therapy accordingly.   Dr. Zang strives to improve his techniques by studying with the best professionals in his field across the United States. He is simply the best physical therapist I have ever met. – Nancy B.

After a very active life, I started experiencing lower back pain which brought most of my physical activities to a halt. After seeing three neurosurgeons and several other physicians along with numerous diagnostic testing, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, osteoporosis and severe scoliosis. Armed with this information, only one neurosurgeon felt he could work on my back. That was 3 years ago (I am now almost 80) and I chose not to undergo the highly invasive surgery.

I then heard of Dr. Andrew Zang, who worked just a short distance from my home. After going over my history and examining me, Dr. Zang set up appointments for me to have therapy 2x/wk. With regular therapy sessions and some work at home, I began to see slow but definite changes in my pain and function.

What I have noticed is less back and leg pain, the ability to stand for longer periods of time, the ability to walk a lot further without stopping to sit on my rollator walker, increased stamina, an easier time managing steps, and better balance.

I enjoy and am now more comfortable eating out with friends again, going to movies, attending concerts, and participating in my singing groups along with our competitions.

With the professional help and encouragement given to me by Andy, I now feel my overall health is better. I am more motivated to work hard because I am seeing my progress.

Mary K.

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