Running Injuries

Attention Runners: Keeping Running is your #1 Priority Right? This ULTIMATE Runners Guide will teach runners of all ability levels how to remain injury-free, recover from injuries, and enhance their performance. Don’t waste time with Unhelpful advice from others or the latest fads claiming to help.

In just 14 pages you will learn the most common mistakes runners make that lead to injuries and what to do to prevent them all from the comfort of your own home.

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The only thing worse that not running due to injury is….WELL, not sure there is much…

Most runners have an addiction to running that others who are not runners just cannot understand.

The I must run “x” days per week or “y” miles per day/week to feel good is not comprehendible to many, BUT….

As a former D-I runner, I get the “illness”

I still get irritable when I am unable to run due to even a small injury

That said, Let me offer up some advice to help keep you moving and/or recover should you become injured


Running injuries are extremely common and are more likely to occur in individuals on both ends of the spectrum (novice and high mileage runners). These injuries could present as foot, knee, hip, back or muscle aches/pains.

Sharp/stabbing or dull/aching, sudden onset or gradual and slow…I have heard it all.

The question asked by all is….how do I fix this and get running (yesterday)?…

There are varied reasons for why one body part may hurt versus another, BUT regardless, there are some general tips/advice/exercises that may overlap.

In the end, we must seek and determine the “SOURCE” of the pain as the location of symptom is not necessarily one in the same.

Running is a highly complex, yet efficient act of mobility.

All the pieces must work together to achieve a fluid movement process….

From arm swing through the trunk to pelvic control/stability to enable one legged-stance and push-off as well as the absorption of energy by the foot/knee/leg from heel strike through midstance.

Now if you just followed all that, how efficient do you think you are?

There is NO ONE RIGHT running form (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), But….

There are more efficient patterns to adopt and if an injury happens then sometimes analysis of one’s running form can be a very telling data point to assist the rehab process.

Tell me…has your running gait been analyzed? Has it be done via video? When you are fatigued?

Because fatigued running form is often much different from the just starting off my run form.

….And it is this fatigued form/state where more injuries are likely to present themselves.

Not sure of this- – have a friend take a quick video (with a smart phone) of you when you begin a run and then another short clip as you are finishing the run…I bet your form looks different.

How do you prevent this fatigued breakdown- – find out inside this Free Report

Honestly though, major alterations to one’s running form is often not necessary unless one is looking to be:

  • More Efficient
  • Increase Speed
  • Significantly Increase Mileage
  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Recovery

Not only is form important, but what about footwear?

How does one know which type of shoe is best for them? The answer (inside) may surprise you

For many people, running just happens without much thought…however, for others, it is not as simple or fluid

Regardless of which type of runner you are…

It is all about running happy and healthy

I have worked with hundreds of runners over the years from the newly started runner to Olympic development caliber.

It is a rare event now for someone to talk with me about their injury and be one that I have not personally treated or experienced.

The over-arching theme remains…How do I get back to running FAST?

– – Get help from the person who knows how to treat runners and has a runners mindset

If you are NOT sure of the next step, Select the best option for YOU

  1. Complete an Inquiry form  on cost and availability of treatment options specifically designed for you (Every person’s issues are different and as such treatment plans will be developed accordingly on an individual basis)
  2. Arrange a Telephone Consult. Click the button HERE to schedule a call back OR simply call 717-440-6197. It is sometimes helpful as one is searching for answers to spend time talking it out in a no pressure situation from the comfort of your own home. I understand that often people are unsure of the next step, skeptical of who to trust or what to do next. This way on the call you will get to talk about what is troubling you, I will get to learn more about what is bothering you and then you get to decide the next step. I will spend all the time you need or is necessary to help you make the best decision possible for you and you will not be pressured into making any decisions.
  3. Claim your FREE Guide with some of the best kept TIPS to remain injury-free OR recover from an injury by clicking on the link below.

Tired of not RUNNING due to an injury?  Learn how to overcome it FAST by getting these ADVANCED TIPS that all PRO Runners KNOW and DO Daily to keep them running HEALTHY

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Hear What Others Have To Say Who Came For Care At Zang PT And Left Feeling And Moving Better In Just A Few Weeks

When I came to see Dr. Zang on the advice of my track coach, I was unable to run even 1 mile due to severe lateral knee pain. Before he even touched my leg based on his history taking, he seemed to know exactly what was wrong and how to address the problem. After his thorough evaluation, we set a game plan to assist me returning to running by combining strengthening and cross training. I feel his experience as a runner who dealt with various injuries he shared with me helped me to mentally get through the rehab process. Within a matter of a few weeks, I was up to running 5 miles and completing workouts as I normally would have. I feel I now have a better understanding of how strength training is important for me as a runner to stay healthy and plan to continue those exercises on a regular basis. – Ryan C., collegiate runner

As an active runner, I knew I needed help when my leg hurt so bad I could not even run 1 mile without butt/hamstring pain. I tried resting it, rolling it out, stretching it, even went to another PT place 1st. I just did not feel like I was getting any better until a fellow runner told me about Dr. Zang. She said he was a runner himself and that his approach was different than most PT places, that he spent every minute with you 1 on 1. I was hesitant because others had failed but chose to start with his Discovery Visit. He spent a good deal of time with me just talking about my troubles and goals for running. He outlined a proposed plan and then said it was fully my choice what to do next. I was struck by his honesty and confidence he had in getting me back to running. I opted for his treatment plan and within a few sessions I was back jogging just a little. After a few more sessions, I was on my way back to regular training again. He was adamant though that I must continue my strengthening program to prevent future issues, something I wish to avoid. –  Jackie W

I was unable to run due to this pain in my big toe. The doctor told me I could have surgery and it might help, but I was training for the NYC marathon and did not want surgery. Dr. Andrew worked to increase the mobility of the toe and showed me how to stretch it out on my own. I am pleased that I was able to accomplish my goal of running and completing the marathon even though it did start to hurt after mile 20. The good news is that now the toe is more mobile and feels fine so long as I don’t run more than 15 miles, which is something I can live with. – Luiz R

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