How to defeat Sore, Achy, Arthritic Knees keeping you from activity

  • October 3, 2016

Are you someone who suffers from sore, achy, stiff, painful or arthritic knees?

Do you have trouble getting up and moving in the morning?

Are your knees stopping you from participating in pleasurable activities?

If so, then help is available that does not involve injections, pain medication or surgery, and more successful that you might think.

An article published in JOPST in December 2015 looked at 2 groups of individuals who have knee arthritis. One group underwent a standard course of exercise therapy. The other group had the same treatment except they then had intermittent sessions spread out over the next year. What they found was the group receiving extended care reported better function and less pain.

What does this mean for you?

If you are dealing with arthritic knees and told medication, injection or surgery is your option….

There is more to this story.

What you should know is improving lower body strength, flexibility and balance provides you the BEST chance to remain active. The best time to seek treatment is in the early stages or RIGHT NOW….Do not wait any longer for further loss of mobility or more pain. Doing NOTHING is the worst thing possible. Avoiding activity only further results in less strength, less mobility, less function and often more pain.

So what should you do?…..Go see a professional who can assist you improving in all those areas. Feel free to talk with your physician about this if you need a script for treatment, but often not necessary.

An important thing to remember and realize is the exercise you learn should not be stopped. That good feeling you have after several therapy visits is only likely to be maintained if you continue to do your exercise homework. Those who fail to put in the work are the ones who will be on that operating table because they can no longer take it. BUT, if you do the work, chances are you can avoid surgery like Bob’s story here….

“I was lucky to get assigned to Dr. Zang for my PT following my meniscal surgery 6 years ago. My goal was to not only recover from the surgery, but prevent a future knee replacement. I worked hard over the next 6 or 8 weeks to get back my mobility and strength. Since then, I have continued a regular routine of lower body strengthening and stretching exercises shown to me by Dr. Zang. I am pleased that as of today my knee has not prevented me from coaching, traveling and living life as I want.”

This story is common and possible. DO NOT DO NOTHING. Seek help for your sore, achy knees. You will be glad you did so.

If you want more specific information and tips on how to improve sore, achy knees, click HERE  for a special copy of my FREE ebook on Knee pain.


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