Tennis- A game to play, even as you age

  • September 4, 2017

With the US Open Tennis Championship on right now, it got me thinking about how tennis is a sport that can be played over ones life span. 

Many youth or even adults learn to play tennis 1-on-1. But as people age, the game often becomes a doubles event. Doubles tennis lends itself to those who may have lost a step and cannot cover as much ground on the court. It could be injury has forced them into playing doubles. Or it may simply be the social aspect of playing with a partner trying to beat another pair. Whatever the reason, tennis remains an activity that can be played from 8-88 or beyond. The oldest person I met who still played tennis was 86.

Tennis, like all other sports, has its share of common injuries. Watch a few tennis matches and you will hear the announcers talk about all the injuries each participant has played through. A very common injury often discussed is “tennis elbow” or simply pain of the outside elbow due to repeated strain of swinging that racket to strike the ball. Interestingly, when we examine players with “tennis elbow”, often some flaw in their swing mechanics becomes apparent. This could be lack of shoulder or wrist motion, weakness of the shoulder, or not using legs to hit the ball. Discovering the REAL reason for the pain and treating it (not just the location of symptoms) will enable the person to return better and faster.

Other common issues arise in tennis players including wrist, shoulder, knee and ankle. Tennis truly involves movement of almost every joint in the body. This year alone, I have heard more “BIG” names skipping tournaments or months to recover from their various injuries. What this means is that the average person must spend a little time taking care of their body.

Taking the time now to work on general strength, flexibility, and agility will enable you to continue to participate in the sport you enjoy. By staying strong yet flexibility, you will reduce unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints as you play. This in term will reduce your overall injury risk.

Looking to stay healthy and avoid activity-limiting pain? Want to stay in the game but without injuries? Then visit the movement specialists to learn how you can improve your strength, flexibility and continue to play tennis without issues as you age.

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