The #1 Thing To EASE Your Neck Pain

  • August 7, 2017

Struggling with Neck Pain?

Looking for that Solution that will end all your suffering? Searching the internet just hoping to find that ONE piece of advice to solve all your problems? If so, then keep reading. This may be the MOST important thing you learn in your search for a Solution for your neck pain.

Though there are many reasons for and presentations of neck pain, the majority of those suffering will benefit from 1 Thing…Mobility. This is The MOST common theme reported on by those studying and searching for a or the solution.

Mobility can mean different things to different people. The culprit for lost mobility or motion could be stiffness of muscles, stiff/tight joints, or even fear of movement. Yes, fear of movement can heighten the pain response, cause increased stiffness in the body, and result in lost motion.

So what is the Solution?

Getting your body moving, simply motion can help reduce pain dramatically. As one of my mentors puts it, Motion is Lotion. Just how or why is motion so good? Because motion causes bloodflow (to the area moving) that reduces muscle stiffness and calms the sensitivity of the pain receptors. Think about how you feel after that 1st day of shoveling snow or spring cleaning, sore right? But then after you move around a bit everything loosens and feels better. The same is true when a person as some injury. Movement is GOOD for the body.

Neck Pain at Desk ImageNow, each individual is likely to have some slight differences in terms of what or how they need to move, BUT there are simple exercises (to be done in PAIN-FREE ranges) that can get you headed in the correct path. What you must know is that some times initially movement is sore or hurts AND this often causes people to avoid that movement, which only leads to further limitation and pain even faster. BUT if a person moves slowly up to the point of discomfort and then again and again, little by little that motion will increase and will hurt less.

Again, each individual person MAY need a slightly different motion or exercise to help them achieve this. That said we, as a sedentary society, do have tendencies that lead to the need for similar movements or exercises. A simple neck retraction with or without a towel (Video HERE) is one of the most prescribed exercises and best for those with neck pain. Now this exercise is not likely to fully solve ALL your neck pain, but it will likely get you moving in the right direction (better motion with less pain).

If you are looking for even more tips and advice on resolving your neck pain NATURALLY then claim some more FREE advice HERE. Do NOT suffer ONE MORE DAY with neck pain without doing something to ease that pain. Imaging what life would be like without SUFFERING every single day in neck pain? So, make the decision to break-FREE from pain.

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