When 1 Pound Equals 4

  • November 27, 2017

If you are someone who would like to lose some weight and be healthier, then read on.

Stop and think for a moment how body weight impacts daily life. From clothing to climbing steps to joint aches and pain, body weight has an enormous impact.

I write this article not to single out individuals with weight issues, but rather shed light on its impact on physical function and quality of life. Presently 2 in 3 people in the U.S. are considered overweight. Another 1 in 3 are classified as obese. These statistics are staggering. Weight is a major medical issue costing TRILLIONS of dollars in medical expenses annually.

We have all seen or heard the messages about weight loss. It is hard to miss the message with it prominently displayed on TV and in magazines. But what are we willing to do about it? Who is willing to put in the necessary work to make a positive change in their life?

Weight loss is about calorie intake (what you eat) versus calories expended (daily activity/EXERCISE). It is not possible to lose weight without making changes to ones lifestyle. While change may not be easy, health and quality of life is at stake. Being overweight or obese is related to hundreds of medical issues (diabetes, heart disease, etc). Not to mention its negative impact ones overall mobility or independence. So why not take the appropriate steps to improve ones overall health and wellness?

I have witnessed friends and family members make changes in their lives to become healthier. Each individual did it for a different reason. One did it to be healthier for their kids. Another made changes because they feared current and future medical issues. Each of them knew it was going to be difficult, BUT made the decision to be healthier. This involved changes in their diet as well as exercise. And on the other side of it came people who were healthier and more active. Not to mention reduced aches/pains AND getting off medications for their health conditions that improved as a result of the weight loss.

Now, you don’t need me to tell you the importance of being healthier. The importance of exercise and diet is well known. But did you know that losing just 1 pound equals a 4 pound reduction in stress on the knee joint? That means losing those 10 pounds you want can reduce the strain on the knees by 40 pounds. For someone with knee pain, that is huge. Who really wants to cause more wear and tear on the joint leading to a knee replacement? Talk about a painful surgery and recovery.

Name a physical condition and I could list off how excessive weight is a negative impact. Want to avoid issues such as back or knee pain? Looking to keep your A1C under control to avoid neuropathy or blindness from diabetes? Want to lower your BP to reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke? Then time to make necessary life changes (not just think about it). Plus you know what comes with being healthier- less medical expenses.

I am not saying change will be easy…BUT if you want to be healthier for you and your family/friends and you want to live a life with less aches/pains/stress…then NOW is the time to do something about it. Change comes with a team of support. Doctors, nutritionists/dietitians, physical therapists to address muscle and joint issues, and even personal trainers are helpful along the way.

The choice is yours…

Effort now OR Loss of enjoyment in activity later (due to pain or inability).

To learn more how a PT can be a part of your team in weight loss and improving the quality and enjoyment of your life, click HERE for more information.

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