What Physical Therapy can DO for YOU

  • October 9, 2017

There was a recent article published discussing how and why Hollywood Stars are using physical therapy and they are NOT injured. This got me thinking about how UNDER used physical therapy actually is. It has been reported that only about 7% of people with (back) injuries actually seek care from a physical therapist. What about the other 93%? So this took my mind to writing this article on what physical therapy can DO for you. Here I highlight the top 3 things PT can do for YOU.

For starters, and this is what physical therapy is most associated with, is PAIN. Those suffering with pain due to injury or surgery come to PT. People come to get rid of their pain. Maybe they are athletes. Some may be elderly or others young. But really, we help those of all ages. There are many many kinds of pain from new onset to chronic, BUT all can be helped.

A major goal is to reduce pain, BUT the real reason people attend PT is what the PAIN is stopping them from doing. People seek care to be able to resume golfing, standing in the kitchen to cook or wash dishes, to hike, play with kids or grandkids. Truly people want help to be able to live the life they want not limited by pain. The issue of pain is often top of mind (for most seeking care), but I am most interested in helping people to achieve this 2nd reason…to get back to desired or pleasurable activities.

A third major reason people seek care from PTs is to avoid loss of function, mobility, and independence. This is actually the main highlight of the article on the Hollywood Stars using PT….To prevent injuries and loss of mobility. As people age, many slow down and begin to limit activities because they think it is just a part of aging. With passing time, this activity limitation list grows longer. But before long, it becomes difficult to complete simple activities due to faster fatigue, muscle weakness, and lost confidence.

You should know this does not have to be the case. There is no reason you cannot remain active for as long as you desire. (Evidence here 100 y.o running and 91 y.o dead lifting). BUT the question is…what are you willing to do about it? Are you willing to work through some aches or pains? Are you willing to be regimented with an exercise program to help you stay fit? Are you ready to take the necessary steps to maintain strength, flexibility and stamina NOW to avoid future loss of mobility and independence? If you are, then PT is for YOU.

If any of the preceding 3 things are you or something you want, then physical therapy can help you achieve your goals. Want even more information on how else PT may be able to help you? If so, then click on the following link(Click HERE) to learn more.

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  1. Mahesh Singh says:

    Great blog the information you provided about physical therapy was very helpful thanks for such a great blog.

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