Who ZPT is for

Zang Physical Therapy is FOR those individuals WHO:

  • Are SERIOUS about maintaining their health and wellness
  • Are TIRED of living in PAIN
  • Are FRUSTRATED with the lack of improvement with other treatments
  • Are SKEPTICAL of what other options may be able to help them live a better life
  • Do NOT want to take medication, have an injection or surgery
  • Are TIRED of frequent visits to doctors WITHOUT solutions
  • Want to REGAIN their lost function
  • DESIRE increased ability to live their life
  • Are PLAGUED by chronic stiff/achy joint or muscles
  • Are FINISHED with avoiding activity due to FEAR
  • Those ANGERED by the current medical system and WANT more out of their interaction with a health professional
  • Are truly READY for a difference making experience that will SOLVE their problem


If this is you, then Zang Physical Therapy is the place for you.

We help people to regain their lost function and live with less pain and be more active….all done WITHOUT having to take medications, get painful injections, need imaging, have surgery, or frequent doctors visits.

Zang Physical Therapy ~ 836 Market St, Lemoyne PA 17043 ~ 717-440-6197 ~ andrew@zangpt.com ~