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What Makes Zang Physical Therapy Different

Zang Physical Therapy, a Concierge Physical Therapy, practice became an idea in 2015. I was nearing the end of my fellowship training in orthopedic manual physical therapy, and came to realize I wanted something different for the patients I treated.

In my career to that point, I worked in a traditional outpatient orthopedic setting in Central PA. We saw patients every 30 minutes with new patient evaluations getting 60 minutes. This was great because some clinics saw patients every 15 minutes, which is way too fast with minimal attention for the actual paying patient.

Such was the routine I lived with and it worked well for the most part. However, given my recent training, I often had more questions to get answered and wanted to control every little detail related to patient care.

I did not like to rely on delegating to support staff (that is the norm in the outpatient realm). I started to become frustrated and noticed I was starting to run behind schedule at times, something I hated doing to patients. I always looked to run on time because I valued their time as I hoped they did for me.

I never set out to own my own practice due to the uncertainty related to insurance reimbursement and regulations. However, I knew a change was necessary.

After witnessing Tim Fearon’s practice, who served as one of my mentors in the fellowship program, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to take his mindset of controlling all details of patient care and seeking to empower them in the process, while blend that with a concierge model of Physical Therapy. This model is done in other parts of the country and I wished to bring that model here to Central PA.

I realize this concierge model may seem a bit out there to some who are reading this. Zang Physical Therapy is seeking to deliver a higher level of care and to do this, a new model must be employed. If you have questions regarding this model, please contact me so I can explain how it is you can truly benefit from this approach vs the traditional model. I never liked hearing this phase before, but it is true…you get what you pay for. So, if you want a higher quality of personalized physical therapy, please come see me at Zang Physical Therapy in Lemoyne, PA.

I am not one for guarantees and I do not bet, BUT I can almost guarantee with confidence that if you sit through even one treatment session with me you will understand the difference. It always makes me happy to hear from patients that they cannot believe the thoroughness and attention to detail, how the treatment they received is like no other they have been to before. So if you want to experience this unmatched personalized attention for your rehab, please give me a call.

Arm work on the Pilates Reformer at Zang Physical Therapy

PT on the on Pilates Reformer at Zang Physical Therapy

It is the intent of Zang Physical Therapy to provide the most up to date evidence informed physical therapy treatments available. The goal is to create a culture change whereby physical therapists work with patients to teach/educate them about their condition, how to self-manage and ultimately empower them to be proactive in terms of health, wellness and prevention.

Physical therapists should be the healthcare leaders in neuromusculoskeletal health and wellness. Our training and background is as such, and it is time for us to pull our weight to assist patients with being healthier and more active.

At Zang Physical Therapy we will provide all patients with exclusive uninterrupted one on one care, working together with the patient to achieve their functional goals. The intent is to treat you in the entirety, not just the diagnosis or problem you walk into the clinic with. Together, we will work as a team to help you get back to life as you desire. It is a secondary goal to make sure you are able to continue to live an active lifestyle unencumbered by mobility issues. 

We will not be your average physical therapy clinic or experience. A unique blend of manual therapy, active exercise, and patient education will be tailored specifically to you. Treatments provided will be specific and meaningful to meet your stated objective(s).

It will be our promise to you (our patient) that we will maximize your time and effort spent in the clinic, thus creating maximum return on your investment in your health. The phrase, “you get what you pay for” is ever applicable in the medical profession. It is our goal to make you feel you get exactly what you paid for (high quality one on one care) and then some. We want you to walk away feeling it was worth it and want to tell your friends about your experience at Zang Physical Therapy.

  1. Pilates Stretches at Zang Physical Therapy

    Stretching at Zang Physical Therapy

    Exclusive 1:1 care for 60 minutes- who else guarantees you that much personalized attention???

  2. You will receive most up-to-date evidence based treatments available
  3. Convenience of appointments- before/after work and weekend options available. Home visits* may be possible as well (*subject to different fee structure)
  4. Fewer visits to return to function- by seeing patients for 1 hour sessions, I am better able to get a pulse on your condition and treat accordingly. But more importantly, I have the time to better educate you about your condition and how you can better self manage. With this knowledge you will be better able to facilitate your recovery process and prevent recurrences.
  5. Receiving treatment by a fellowship trained therapist- Data shows that patients receiving care from fellowship trained therapists achieve higher functional results in fewer visits. (Rodeghero 2015) Only about 1% of physical therapists achieve this high level designation
  6. Integration of manual therapy with active exercise shown to be more efficacious from a treatment standpoint (Walker 2008)
  7. Integration of pain science education- helping patients to better understand the what and why associated with their condition has been shown to positively impact patient outcomes

ABSolute Pilates is committed to providing quality professional instruction in Classical Pilates to women of all fitness levels and ages in South Central Pennsylvania. This studio is devoted to fitness through consciousness of movement and form in the Pilates Method. We believe in using this method to develop specific programs that meet individual conditioning goals and needs. Athletic ability and coordination are not a requirement to benefit from Pilates sessions, as all exercises can be modified to any level. Pilates involves over 500 exercises, which will help you gain muscle strength, improve flexibility, and build a stronger core. Pilates exercises can be modified to help you on the road to recovery from an injury, take care of special body parts, or just help you get into great shape.

ABSolute Pilates offers private and semi-private Reformer, Tower and Chair sessions. We also offer the same quality instruction in a group equipment, tower and reformer class.  Yes we even have small group mat classes by our comprehensively trained staff. Allison the studio owner is pilates method alliance certified. She has specialty training to work with pre and post natal clients and clients that have undergone breast cancer treatment.

We have locations in Mechanicsburg, Enola, Harrisburg and Lemoyne just a short drive from wherever you are located in Central Pa. All of our studios are equipped with beautiful balance body and peak pilates equipment. We feature some unique pieces you will not see in any other local studio. We also have barre classes with fully trained barre instructors. We are proud to say we have a very well educated staff. That is continuously working to expand there skills. We are bringing 2016 biggest fitness trend to you with our trained staff.

Burn30 Personal Fitness offers a friendly, non-intimidating environment for people of all ages and fitness levels. Absolute beginners can feel comfortable starting a fitness program with us. Someone who has been working out on their own for years can come in and get re-motivated by our fresh, contemporary fitness concepts. They meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey and create a plan to take you further.

ZPT is located inside Burn 30

Zang Physical Therapy ~ 836 Market St, Lemoyne PA 17043 ~ 717-440-6197 ~ andrew@zangpt.com ~