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In just 10 pages, I’ll show you what to do to end your back pain and prove how easy it can be for any person aged 40+ to live FREE from the agony of back pain without medications. Even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help! 

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“I bent down to pick up the newspaper and my back went out…I can’t sit, I can’t stand tall, and this is the 3rd time this has happened to me this year…”

Does this story sound familiar? If you have dealt with at least one episode of back pain chances are another episode is just waiting to happen. Do you want a SOLUTION to prevent the next episode?

If your BACK troubles are SEVERE and you feel you need help NOW…

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 A Personal Message from Andrew

Let me say 1st off that if you are reading this, you are someone who is serious about your health and overall mobility. You are likely someone suffering and looking for solutions for YOUR back pain (or someone you care about). You are looking to get to the bottom of this chronic, nagging back pain once and for all.

It may be the kind of pain, be it sharp, dull or even radiating down your leg, that prevents you from enjoying life and causes you to miss work. The kind of pain that has you taking pain medication or muscle relaxors just HOPING for some relief. But in reality the medication only MASKS the pain for a bit, only for it to return as bad as ever in a few hours. Worse yet, you know the medication does nothing to solve the problem (and is bad for your insides), but you just do not know what else to do or try.

I have witnessed the devastating impact back pain can have on individuals personal and professional lives. Missed work, unable to sleep, avoiding family vacations, unable to exercise among other things. Many people suffer unnecessarily for weeks, months or even years because they were not given helpful advice, no advice at all or worse told nothing could be done. Because of this, I decided to put together this special report to offer guidance for those suffering, and I want you to have it for FREE.

Know this…You are looking in the RIGHT place to find the answers you seek. No more general advice or just wait and see often dispensed by the medical community. I want you to know that I understand back pain because I work with people with back pain every day AND…

I too have suffered from years of intermittent back pain. But the GOOD NEWS IS, I overcame it….AND SO CAN YOU!!!!

All you have to do is be willing to TAKE ACTION

If you have STRUGGLED with back pain for more than 3 weeks…

The time for Wait and See is OVER!!!!!

Are YOU:

  • Tired of taking pain medication that does not seem to do much?
  • Not interested in injections or surgery?
  • Unable to get relief from pain for months or years?
  • Limited in your work or recreational activities?
  • Been given general information by a doctor or told there is nothing they can do?
  • Looking for a real SOLUTION to your PROBLEM

If so, then this FREE report on BACK PAIN is for you.

It is TIME TO get back to enjoying all those activities you have missed or avoided due to back pain.

In this report, I provide the most discussed advice I have given to my patients for years. Now, I do not guarantee what worked for others will specifically work for you, BUT reading this report and trying the suggestions has to be better than living another day with the agony of back pain…

I would like for you to image what you life will be like if you do NOTHING. What impact will that have on your job? Your family? Your ability to enjoy recreation? Your overall independence? Get the picture yet…

Get the ANSWERS  you are looking for…

  • How to LIVE with less chronic daily pain
  • How to SLEEP without your back waking you
  • How to REGAIN that lost energy the pain took away
  • How to ENJOY life again without the agony or fear of back pain
  • How to KEEP the back pain away (for good)


Did you know that your area code is one of the main determinants of whether you will have back surgery or not? No kidding. What you should know is Central PA has one of the highest rates of spinal surgeries in the country. WHY? Are people here that different from others around the country?

The answer is NO!!!!!

“BUT that picture of my spine (X-ray or MRI) indicates I have degeneration or a herniated disc or stenosis and the doctor says my only option is surgery”….To that I say SO WHAT??? Numerous studies have found that many individuals have “abnormal imaging findings” and yet do not have PAIN. That abnormal x-ray or MRI does not tell the whole story or HOW TO TREAT YOU. The GOAL is to turn you back into the person with whatever pathology but without symptoms. It is possible. These are called Wrinkles on the Inside and they are NORMAL

So, how do you avoid surgery???….

By ACTIVELY treating your back pain so you do not step one foot in a surgeon’s office. They just might offer that glimmer of hope with surgery that comes with NO GUARANTEE of success. AND you know what???…At least one doctor is telling people to not have surgery. Totally worth a moment or two of your time to check this out. The over-arching message… Exhaust all other options 1st

I cannot offer all my best advice or make any wholesale guarantees that these tips will be the best ones for you (without first talking with you)…

BUT they will get you moving and give you a chance to reduce your pain and increase your mobility TODAY.

Not sure it will work? Try them and see.

If you are unhappy with your quality of life because of your back now…think what life could be if you no longer hurt every day???


Wouldn’t it be nice to take that vacation you have been avoiding out of fear of back pain with traveling? Or maybe start that exercise routine to lose those 10 lbs you have been saying you wanted to lose for years but were afraid to? Insert your desire “here”, it can be had if you choose to address your troubles.

Chronic back pain does not just go away on its own without help.

Data suggests 80% of people with low back pain will experience future episodes. Even acute back pain often needs a little TLC.

Do not let acute back pain become chronic!!!!

Learn to better manage and prevent future issues. Improve your quality of life.

Are you ready to feel better TODAY

Not convinced that words on a page will make this difference for you, then you can choose the next best option for you

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  3. Claim your FREE Guide to END Back Pain by clicking on the link below. There are a limited number of free copies available so please act today.

Join the HUNDREDS of other People who were finally able to END their Back Pain NATURALLY… And Before It Lasted Any Longer Or Got Much Worse!

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Hear What Others Have To Say Who Came For Care At Zang PT And Left Feeling And Moving Better In Just A Few Weeks

After 3 back surgeries, my back pretty much hurt every day of the week and that was not the worst part. As a result of all those surgeries, I felt I could no longer complete simple activities of daily living. I no longer went to the grocery store. I limited my driving to 15 minutes. And I had difficult walking up the bleachers to sit at my son’s basketball games…The doctor told me I really should go see this guy Andrew Zang because he does things differently than other PTs. I was very skeptical due to past failures…He convinced me that if I did nothing I was going to continue to be stuck right where I was. So I decided to give it a try. We worked not only on the physical part but also the mental part. It took me awhile to understand exactly what he was doing, but started to notice improvement slowly. I still have a way to go, but feel like I am finally on the right path and very grateful to have a PT like Andrew willing to challenge and push me to regain my life again.- Brenda V.

After a very active life, I started experiencing lower back pain which brought most of my physical activities to a halt. Doctors said surgery was an option if I wanted. I then heard of Dr. Andrew Zang, who worked just a short distance from my home.  With regular therapy sessions and some work at home, I began to see slow but definite changes in my pain and function.

What I have noticed is less back and leg pain, the ability to stand for longer periods of time, the ability to walk a lot further without stopping to sit on my rollator walker, increased stamina, an easier time managing steps, and better balance. I enjoy and am now more comfortable eating out with friends again, going to movies, attending concerts, and participating in my singing groups along with our competitions….Mary K.

I had this numbness and tingling down my left leg every time I would walk more than 5 minutes. As an active person, this prevented me from walking with my wife for exercise, working out at the gym, and my bowling league. I tried multiple different treatment options including injections and medication without relief. I finally stumbled upon an article by Andrew talking about a condition similar to what I was feeling. I decided to give him a try before I let any doctor operate on my back. After a few dedicated sessions, the numbness and tingling began to subside and I felt like I could walk again. A few more sessions and I am now back to bowling and walking with my wife every night. – Albert K

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