“My head is pounding and I cannot concentrate or focus…Sometimes the Headaches seems to start in my neck and wrap around the side of my head….”

Did you know that headaches may often be related to neck or even jaw pain?

The Good News is…these types of headaches can be addressed rather successfully.

If You Are Tired Of Suffering With Daily Headaches, Then Call 717-440-6197 Now To Begin Your Journey To Waking Again Without Headaches

Are you someone who SUFFERS with regular monthly, weekly or even daily headaches? Are you tired of the excruciating head pounding? If so, then look no further.

Let me help to alleviate your fears. You are looking in the RIGHT place to get answers and a SOLUTION for your headaches.

Headaches are rather common, impacting nearly 75% of people over the course of their life. There are multiple different types of headaches and each responds to different treatments.

If you are reading this, you are likely someone who VALUES your health and is tired of the AGONY that comes with headaches. You are also likely someone FRUSTRATED with the lack of response of taking pain medication, not interesting in painful injections into your neck and DONE with doctors visits that provide NO lasting solutions.

It is not that the doctors are intentionally not helping you, but the tools in their tool bag are medications, injections, imaging, maybe dietary suggestions…..which are not always the answers

The most common treatment attempted is medication. And some medication works great. But for those of you who have tried multiple different medications and all failed….

Along with numerous trips to the PCP and maybe even neurologist without relief

Maybe a different form of treatment is best for you. One that examines and addresses the muscles, soft tissues and joint mobility. Each of those factors are known to potentially cause headaches.

For those with headaches related to joint, muscle or soft tissue issues, a very specific treatment and set of exercises can be relieving. This can be discovered very quickly during an examination.

Headaches can be a very serious issue that can limit your ability to concentrate, let alone function as a normal human being. These headaches could also be associated with neck pain or dizziness

If you are WORRIED that your headaches are not getting any better, that there is no end in sight, feel LET DOWN by others in the health profession, are SKEPTICAL of others claiming to help you…..Then I am here to offer you some help…

Let me make it clear that I am not like any other professional who has ever tried to help you. There will be no medication offered. No injections or imaging planned. We will have an in-depth discussion about your headaches and how they behave. You will have my hands on your head and neck, assessing what can be done to help reduce that headache AND help keep it away. Sometimes the best treatment for headaches is no medications at all.

If you have been SUFFERING for more than 7 days with headaches…now is the time to address it. Do NOT continue to wait and see or follow just general advice from your PCP, friend or internet. Chances are it will not help. How long are you willing to deal with boring, pounding, severe headaches????

When you have tried everything but hands-on treatment….NOW IS THE TIME!!!!


Do you continue to live with those chronic headaches OR do you want to find a SOLUTION, you have the choice…

  1.   Complete an Inquiry form  on cost and availability of treatment options specifically designed for you (Every person’s issues are different and as such treatment plans will be developed accordingly on an individual basis)
  2. Arrange a Telephone Consult. Click the button HERE to schedule a call back OR simply call 717-440-6197. It is sometimes helpful as one is searching for answers to spend time talking it out in a no pressure situation from the comfort of your own home. I understand that often people are unsure of the next step, skeptical of who to trust or what to do next. This way on the call you will get to talk about what is troubling you, I will get to learn more about what is bothering you and then you get to decide the next step. I will spend all the time you need or is necessary to help you make the best decision possible for you and you will not be pressured into making any decisions.


Hear What Others Have To Say Who Came For Care At Zang PT And Left Without A Headache In Just A Few Weeks

After years of sitting and working at a computer all day, I began to develop headaches that would typically start at about noon every day. I had great difficulty concentrating on my job and was becoming irritable with my family after work. I had heard about this Dr. Zang from a co-worker who had been helped for a similar problem months earlier. My head was pounding that 1st day I went to see him. He did some work on my head and neck that alleviated my headache within a few minutes. He let me know that the headache would likely return if I continued to do the same thing at work over and over and did not do my exercises. Dr. Zang said these exercises should help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and eventually solve the problem. And it worked just like he said it would. I began to learn how to “stop” a headache if one started to come on. So long as I now move more frequently during the day and do my exercises my head no longer hurts. Thank you Dr. Zang. – Erin Y

I dealt with neck pain for 5 years and worsening headaches over the last year. It got to the point where I was waking up with headaches every day. I was taking 6-8 pills per day for these headaches and even that was not enough. I tried many different treatments, many would feel good for a few hours but then everything came back. I was finally referred to Dr. Zang. Within a few sessions of his fully undivided attention, I no longer had morning or even daily headaches. I still have daily pain in other body regions, but at least now my head and neck no longer hurt. I only wish I had gotten to see Dr. Zang sooner. – Karen T.

If You Want To Be Done With Headaches, Then Make The Call 717-440-6197 And You Can Be On Your Way To Living Headache Free Again


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