Neck and Shoulder Pain

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HERE is where you can find answers to END the DEBILITATING, NAGGING, ANNOYING Neck and Shoulder pain you have been suffering before it gets any WORSE. This is your opportunity to get great advice for FREE so that…

You can get a better night’s sleep, wake with less pain, no longer live with daily headaches and get back to living life with less pain.

A Personal Message from Andrew

Let me begin by saying that if you are reading this, you are someone who is serious about your health and overall mobility. You are likely someone suffering and looking for REAL solutions for YOUR neck and/or shoulder pain (or someone you care about). You are looking to get to the bottom of those chronic, nagging pains once and for all… And without all the hassle of the current medical system.

This Special Report is for the person who has been PLAGUED by chronic neck or shoulder pain for weeks, months, or worse years. The person who is Frustrated with the daily routine of pain and pain medication (that does not really work), and is Desperate for a REAL SOLUTION to their problem. Someone who has pain not only in their neck, but maybe along the shoulder blade, or even down their arm. Pain that may be sharp, dull, achy or even pins/needles/tingling or numbness.

Whatever your specific issue is, know this, you are looking in the RIGHT PLACE to get answers to your questions. And these answers will not be to just rest, avoid activity, take medication or even consider injections or surgery. Here you will find advice that will not mask your pain, but attempt to help you finally TREAT THE CAUSE of your pain. Because without treating the actual cause, you will very likely continue to suffer in pain.

If you are worried about what is causing YOUR pain, are concerned that other “treatments” you have tried have not worked, or you are unsatisfied with the current treatment from the medical system, then keep reading. Are you CONCERNED that your neck or shoulder pain is getting worse, that there is no end in sight, feel let down by others in the health profession, or are skeptical of others claiming to help you??????…Then I am here to help you.

Deciding who to trust and what path to take for healing when you are in pain can be difficult. There is so much information out there nowadays that it can be difficult to know fact from fiction, a solution from more dead end treatment failures. This is exactly why I decided to pull together all this advice and offer it to those in need for FREE.

How great would it be if you could wake up next week with even 50% less pain? What value would that add???

Now, take a moment and Think what YOUR life will be like IF this pain DOES NOT go away soon…How would this impact your ability to work? Enjoy activities with family/friends? Leaves you unable to care for loved ones or even your home? Do not let this issue impact your life one more day.

Let me make it clear that I am not like any other professional who has ever tried to help you. I take the TIME to LISTEN to my patients, fully understand their problem, and develop a program specific to them. My advice is not general- it is very specific and meaningful to the patient, their problem, and their goals.

My goal is to assist each and every person I can via this special report, on the phone, or even in person to live without neck and shoulder pain. I want to help people to avoid taking harmful pain medications, end the frustration of being lost searching for a solution to THEIR problem, and provide hope for a future where daily life is no longer limited by neck or shoulder pain.

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You may be asking yourself, can my issues be helped? WELL…

If you are LIVING with any of the following, chances are your issue can be helped

  • Local neck tightness/stiffness or soreness that just hurts all the time
  • Worse or increased pain with moving your neck or shoulder
  • Neck pain that seems to travel down to your shoulder blade
  • Pain that comes from the side of your neck and into your shoulder (sometimes even down your arm)
  • Numbness or tingling into your forearm, hands or fingers
  • Chronic weekly or daily headaches that get worse with neck movements.
  • You sit at a desk all day working on a computer
  • You perform repetitive tasks at work all day
  • You are unable to sleep because of neck and/or shoulder pain
  • Either area of pain wakes you at night
  • Medication or doctors advice have not solved your problem yet
  • YOU Just want a SOLUTION for your PROBLEM

Do you see your problem on this list? Even if it is not there, chances are it can be helped.

You are so very close to a solution for your problem. Claim your FREE access NOW to these amazing tips without having to leave your home.

Are you someone who values your health and wellness? A person who is tired of missing out on once enjoyable activities in life. Someone who is done taking pain medication, not interesting in painful injections or in surgery. And are someone who wishes to avoid doctors offices and find a real SOLUTION to your problem.

It should go without saying that you wish to avoid all those things because…I hear that from every single person that I have ever treated for any problem or pain they have. And know this, you are not alone. You are among the millions yearly who seek care for their neck or shoulder pain. Neck pain is the #2 REASON people visit doctors and my specialist clinic yearly

Neck pain can be a very serious issue that can limit your ability to concentrate, to turn your head to drive, cause headaches, and possibly even cause pain to radiate into your shoulder or arm. That numbness/tingling you experience in your arm/hand is very likely related to your neck pain. Even if you do not have neck pain, your neck is very likely to be the source of the numbness or tingling.

If you have been SUFFERING for more than 3 weeks with neck or shoulder pain…

Now is the time to address it. Do NOT continue to wait and see or follow just general advice from your PCP, friend or internet. Chances are it will not help. How long are you willing to deal with nagging, debilitating neck or shoulder pain?

There is no need to continue to just live with pain. Help is available

The thing about pain medication that is not emphasized enough is just how dangerous they are. Every year over 15,000 people die from taking NSAIDS (Motrin, Tylenol, Aleve, etc) and more than 18,000 die from opioid medications. Together that is over 30,000 UNNECESSARY DEATHS yearly. And 1 in 4 taking opioids are likely to develop an addiction.

This is just UNACCEPTABLE and a change is necessary….

If you do not believe how serious and harmful medications can be, please watch this 4-minute video (HERE).

Treatment for neck and shoulder pain has been shown to be most effective when combining hands-on treatments with exercise. No more just laying on a table for modalities that have not been proven effective in providing a REAL SOLUTION (though they may feel good for 15 minutes). Unfortunately, some places still use these out-dated treatment methods. Plus some assistant just watches you do exercise in a gym that you could easily do at home. The best results are realized when seen by the primary therapist. Get more from your therapy experience.

Are looking for a more natural solution, not just a band aide so that your painful neck or shoulder problem does not come back? If that is the case and you want more information you now have several options

  1. Complete an Inquiry form  on cost and availability of treatment options specifically designed for you (Every person’s issues are different and as such treatment plans will be developed accordingly on an individual basis)
  2. Arrange a Telephone Consult. Click the button HERE to schedule a call back OR simply call 717-440-6197. It is sometimes helpful as one is searching for answers to spend time talking it out in a no pressure situation from the comfort of your own home. I understand that often people are unsure of the next step, skeptical of who to trust or what to do next. This way on the call you will get to talk about what is troubling you, I will get to learn more about what is bothering you and then you get to decide the next step. I will spend all the time you need or is necessary to help you make the best decision possible for you and you will not be pressured into making any decisions.
  3. Claim your FREE Guide to END Chronic Daily Neck Pain by clicking on the link below.

Join the dozens of other People who were finally able to END Neck And Shoulder Pain NATURALLY… And Before It Got Much Worse!

All The (TOP) Secret Tips Revealed And Exactly How ANY Person Can End Pain, Find More Movement And FINALLY Rediscover Painless Daily Living!…

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Hear What Others Have To Say Who Came For Care At Zang PT And Left Feeling And Moving Better In Just A Few Weeks

My arm hurt every time I went to reach into the cabinet and pull on my coat. I thought I was going to need surgery. Dr. Zang quickly figured out that my shoulder was not my problem – it was actually stiffness in the area between my shoulder blades and neck. I thought he was completely ignoring my area of pain until he had me re-test my motion after he treated (this is his favorite thing to do). I was shocked that my motion was better and it hurt less. Needless to say, once I felt the improvement I was sold. After a few more 1:1 sessions and doing my homework (something he mandates), I felt good to go again. I am now able to throw a ball again with my dog. – Sarah S.

I dealt with neck pain for 5 years and worsening headaches over the last year. It got to the point where I was waking up with headaches every day. I was taking 6-8 pills per day for these headaches and even that was not enough. I tried many different treatments, many would feel good for a few hours but then everything came back. I was finally referred to Dr. Zang. Within a few sessions of his fully undivided attention, I no longer had morning or even daily headaches. I still have daily pain in other body regions, but at least now my head and neck no longer hurt. I only wish I had gotten to see Dr. Zang sooner. – Karen T.

When I first met Dr. Zang, I could not turn my head to look out my side mirror, I felt unsafe to drive. My neck hurt so bad that I no longer enjoyed getting out to play a round of golf. I had already seen 2 doctors and had 1 injection in my neck that did nothing. After that 1st visit I felt encouraged that I was finally on the right track and going to be better after months of pain. A few weeks later, I was back enjoying life again and swinging my golf club without pain. I am very happy I made the choice I did to go see Dr. Zang. – William R

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