Neck and Shoulder Pain

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If you are someone who is living with neck or shoulder pain, you are far from alone. Maybe you are even suffering with numbness or tinging down your arm and into your hand. You surely know several friends, family members, or co-workers with something that sounds similar.


Many people try to ignore their neck or shoulder issue, believing it is just an age thing or maybe they slept wrong. Often people think if they just wait long enough or maybe change their mattress or pillow, they will wake up without the pain…but it doesn’t go away and often gets worse. What started as a minor issue is now impacting daily life in a bad way…


Because now it is becoming difficult to:

  • Work on the computer or tablet more than 20 minutes

  • Look or reach overhead without pain

  • Get a restful night’s sleep

  • Enjoy a night out with family or friends

  • Grasp objects tightly because of hand tingling


A major reason neck and shoulder pain last is people are unsure not only the specific cause, but what to do. There is so much information out there (not all of it accurate) that leaves people hesitant and confused about the best option for them. Not only that but when it doesn’t work, they then become more skeptical about a treatment that may in fact be the right answer for them. This then leads to the inability to make a decision about what to do next…


What you should know is that neck and shoulder pain are among the most common issues treated at Zang PT. Every day patients come into the clinic searching for answers and solutions for their neck or shoulder pain that will keep them out of doctor’s offices and off pain medication.


Does this sound similar to you?


A very common story told by patients is they went to see their physician and they were prescribed medication, rest, and some generic exercises on a sheet of paper. Then they were told to return in a month if they were no better. Well, not only were they not better but in fact worse. Then off to some other specialist who ordered imaging, offered an injection and then said surgery was an option…not something the person was interested in. All the while, the person is thinking now what can I do? This person was left lost and feeling hopeless


Has it happened to you?


If you are suffering with neck or shoulder pain– Here are 5 reasons it may be lasting:

  • You took the wait and see approach thinking it would just go away- but its still there

  • You tried the rest and medicine approach the doctor prescribed- but got nothing except more pain

  • You tried some exercises a friend suggested or that you found on the internet- but they didn’t seem to help or made it worse

  • You thought your issue was just age related- so you decided you just had to live with it

  • You tried getting help from another healthcare professional- but it didn’t seem to help


All this has left you unsure about what to do next, fearful of making another decision that does not help your neck or shoulder pain. If this is you, then I invite you to have a conversation over the phone 1st to learn if Zang PT might be a good option for you. Even though other things may not have worked for you, The GOOD NEWS IS, this now informs the next person who you choose to work with to select a better path to help you. This phone conversation is 100% Free and there is no-obligation whatsoever. It is all for You to help YOU make the next Best Decision about what to do to end your neck or shoulder pain.


Don’t you think it is time to get the answers you seek?


  • How to LIVE with less chronic daily neck or shoulder pain

  • How to SLEEP without your neck or shoulder waking you

  • How to REGAIN that lost energy the pain took away

  • How to ENJOY life again without the agony or fear of neck or shoulder pain

  • How to KEEP the neck or shoulder pain away (for good)


If this sounds like something you are interested in, then click the button below to request YOUR phone consultation.

“So What Do I Do To Get Rid Of This Neck or Shoulder Pain?”


You can begin by trying these 4 Things:

  • Making the decision to get some help. Deep down you realize the neck or shoulder pain isn’t going away without some help.

  • Learn the best exercises for you so the pain goes and stays away. “Motion is Lotion”

  • Limit your time sitting and resting. Stiffness and more soreness is likely to come as a result. Not to mention muscle weakness and loss of endurance meaning less activity leads to more pain.

  • Get hands-on treatment. Data proves again and again that neck and shoulder pain is best solved with hands-on treatment plus exercise. Zang PT is the Harrisburg Area’s specialist for neck and shoulder pain using this method.


If you want to learn how Zang PT is different and can help you overcome your neck or shoulder pain, then try out a complementary, no-obligation Discovery Session.

*This Discovery Session is designed for the person who isn’t quite sure PT is right for them or wants to learn more about the provider that will be helping them. It is to get your questions answered and to see if the fit is right…it is all for YOU at at no-cost to you.


The next logical question then is…


“What Will Coming To Zang PT Do For My Neck or Shoulder Pain?”

  • You will LEARN why you hurt (the root cause) and it will be treated

  • You will UNDERSTAND how to get rid of the pain and stiffness

  • Help you REGAIN Energy by getting better sleep

  • Get off medication, avoid injections, and even surgery- no one wants surgery and is now discouraged except in extreme circumstances

  • Make sure the problem is fully addressed by getting you onto the right program for you

  • Help you to sit, stand, and walk longer

  • Get you back to enjoying all those missed activities


If you are interested in the availability of appointments or costs involved, please click on the button below and fill our the brief form.

Hear What Others Have To Say Who Came For Care At Zang PT And Left Feeling And Moving Better In Just A Few Weeks

My arm hurt every time I went to reach into the cabinet and pull on my coat. I thought I was going to need surgery. Dr. Zang quickly figured out that my shoulder was not my problem – it was actually stiffness in the area between my shoulder blades and neck. I thought he was completely ignoring my area of pain until he had me re-test my motion after he treated (this is his favorite thing to do). I was shocked that my motion was better and it hurt less. Needless to say, once I felt the improvement I was sold. After a few more 1:1 sessions and doing my homework (something he mandates), I felt good to go again. I am now able to throw a ball again with my dog. – Sarah S.

I dealt with neck pain for 5 years and worsening headaches over the last year. It got to the point where I was waking up with headaches every day. I was taking 6-8 pills per day for these headaches and even that was not enough. I tried many different treatments, many would feel good for a few hours but then everything came back. I was finally referred to Dr. Zang. Within a few sessions of his fully undivided attention, I no longer had morning or even daily headaches. I still have daily pain in other body regions, but at least now my head and neck no longer hurt. I only wish I had gotten to see Dr. Zang sooner. – Karen T.

When I first met Dr. Zang, I could not turn my head to look out my side mirror, I felt unsafe to drive. My neck hurt so bad that I no longer enjoyed getting out to play a round of golf. I had already seen 2 doctors and had 1 injection in my neck that did nothing. After that 1st visit I felt encouraged that I was finally on the right track and going to be better after months of pain. A few weeks later, I was back enjoying life again and swinging my golf club without pain. I am very happy I made the choice I did to go see Dr. Zang. – William R

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