Why Do You Treat Your Car Better Than Your Body?

  • December 4, 2017

For nearly a decade now I have pondered the following question.  Why do people take better care of their car than themselves? 

Your car gets treated to oil changes, tire rotations, routine maintenance all on a schedule. Yet a majority of people DO NOT care for their body…until a problem arises. The problem is, it becomes more difficult (and expensive) to fix a problem then it would be to take care of the body routinely. So why then won’t people do the routine maintenance the body needs? Ponder that one for a moment…

If the car doesn’t work well we can’t get from place A to B. When the body doesn’t work well it becomes more difficult to participate in daily life activities. Yet which one is the 1st to receive our attention? Hint: Most often it isn’t us…

For some reason we choose to take better care of our vehicles (our possessions) than we do ourselves. This should not be. We should be priority #1. If you are unable to feel and function well, what good are you to your family, employer, etc? What if you couldn’t care for your kids or grandkids? What if you were unable to work due to injury? Will you enjoy life hurting or unable to participate in recreation as you desire? The answer is most definitely NO…so what to do about it?


How about taking the necessary steps to care for your body the way you do your car. You visit the dentist routinely, the eye doctor, your regular family doctor for annual check-ups. These are all great, but you are missing one KEY detail here…Your system of muscles that help you move and function. This system requires regular maintenance as well (just like a tune-up for your car).

This system may need help with strength, flexibility, balance, and more. Ignore this system and watch your finely tuned machine (body) begin to break down. Notice greater difficulty rising from a chair or getting off the floor. Start having difficulty climbing the steps. Begin avoiding social interactions because your body hurts too much. You try pills, injections, imaging, numerous doctors visits…nothing helps.  All the while thinking it will just go away if enough time passes…But it doesn’t…does it? It only gets worse.

By the time you finally decide to seek help (get your tune up), it may be too late. Only instead of just buying a new car, you now are under the knife in an operating room. Weeks and months are necessary for recovery…and maybe not fully. Worse yet, you may come out the other side worse altogether. All because you did not take the time to properly care for your body.

What to do…?

ACTUALLY get the tune-up, even if you think it is not necessary. Do you skip your car’s routine maintenance? No, so time stop ignoring your body and be proactive for your health. Not just your health, but so that you can be there and enjoy activities with your family and friends. Treat your body like you would your brand new car. Get your annual muscle, bone and joint exam from the expert

Not sure what your body needs or who is the right person to see? Find more answers to the questions you have HERE.

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